Friday, 26 August 2016

How To Survive A Friendship Break-Up

Hello again.

We all have ups and downs with our friends, but recently I've had a very big DOWN. She told me she never wants to contact me again let alone see me. So here is my survival guide to friendship break-ups.

Don't keep apologising - Once is enough, and if they don't accept your apology then you don't have to keep saying sorry over and over. If you do you can sound quite needy and desperate even if you're not.

Give them time - This brings us onto step two, giving them time. If they don't accept your apology then they're tough to please, don't contact them until they feel ready, have some time apart and see if they want to contact you again. If they do not want to, then carry on to step three.

Cry it out - Being close to someone and then knowing they don't exactly like you anymore can be very upsetting, but keeping it bottled up isn't any better. Cry until your eyes or sore or until you feel as if you don't care.

What didn't you like about them? - Think about their flaws and the reasons that you lowkey didn't like them, try to find at least eight to ten. Don't concentrate on the good things whatsoever. Maybe it was their attitude, or the way they leave the teabag in their green tea, or the fact that they like cold coffee.

Delete them - Delete any photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc. that you have of them, you don't have to unfollow them on everything, but it helps with the temptation of messaging them. Remember they are in the wrong. Not you. So don't contact or reply to them, if they want to talk they'll do it face to face.

This is my survival guide to a friendship break-up, which sometimes, can be rougher than a relationship break-up.

I love you all.
~Virgo x

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