Wednesday, 14 December 2016

He Who Picks Your Petals - Poem

In school you're taught many things,
One of them being sex.

When a girl loses her virginity while she's still in school,
She's called a slut.

When a boy loses his virginity while he's still in school,
He's called a man.

Sex in school isn't an experience shared between two lovers,
It isn't about getting to know one another,
Or becoming closer to your partner.

Sex is a competition,
It's the hunger games,
The game of thirst that can only be quenched by what lies between girls' legs.

You're taught that your legs are an object,
You're wanted because their lips drip with starvation,
In school it's all about the body not about the respect.

And you really thought he loved you?
He's just getting started,
He can play you,
He can make you his.

But you see he's not too bothered,
He's not willing to overprotect,
You're just an object,
He wouldn't find it hard,
To toss your body aside and find another body,
Without giving you regard.

And they'll tell you,
They'll all tell you:
"Honey, your body is bomb,
But if you loved me,
You'd show me,
With that bomb body,
Instead you're treating us like stand-up comedy."

They'll pick at your petals,
You'll be asking the same questions:
"Love me?"
"Love me not?"

But they're all just thirsty,
And they'll pick and pick at you,
Until there's no more petals to pick,
There's no more trust to give,
But why didn't you see it to begin with?
Why are you so blinded by this one-sided love story?
You're giving them what they wanted,
They wanted your body for glory.

So wake up little flower,
Don't let Autumn keep picking your precious petals,
Save that trust,
Not for a boy full of lust,
But for a boy that's patiently waiting for you to wake up.

~Virgo x

Monday, 12 December 2016

Reasons to Live

Heyo internet kiddos!

Recently I've felt so incredibly alive that it's all so breathtaking. I realised that there's always something or someone to live for, and there's always something to look forward to, and so i decided it'd seem convenient to count off my reasons to live.

Reason 1 - Moments Shared With Friends or Family:

(I'm not in the photo because I was the one taking it)
Not too long ago I spent a whole day with my closest friends, we went up to the car park roof to watch the sunset, it's the best moment I've ever shared with them, and they made it so indescribable and so absolutely amazing, I honestly can't describe it.

The day was perfect and I wouldn't change one thing about it.

Any special moment shared with family or friends is worth living for, maybe it doesn't even have to be a special moment, just any moment shared with your loved ones is the best thing in the whole entire world.

Reason 2 - The World:

This one may sound silly, or stupid, but seriously, everyone has the world to live for, the most special places are the ones closest to home. Usually I go on walks, my favourite one was a ten mile walk up a hill and through wooded area, it was beautiful and once you reach where it is you aim to go, it's so worth it, it feels as if you're on top of the world.

Walking helps with depression, anxiety and stress, so this one is definitely one of my favourites.

Even if you think you've explored everywhere around your hometown, you probably haven't, however you could always go on a roadtrip, catch a train to somewhere completely new, or maybe get on an airplane to visit another country.

Reason 3 - Knowledge of Different Cultures:

I know how ridiculous this sounds, but in every single country everything is completely different, even the way we speak, no one speaks the exact same. There are millions of different cultures: Religions, countries, tribes etc. and then subcultures within them.

Knowledge of different cultures could
also be tied in with living for the world, but in my opinion travelling and learning about different cultures are completely different things.

Learning about other cultures first hand (travelling to observe them and get involved with cultural 'rituals' or 'routines') could be a massive eye opener and you'd be meeting new people, trying new foods and learning about others ways of living.

Reason 4 - For Someone:

You're always living for someone: for friends, family, pets, neighbours, subscribers, followers, fans, etc. You're just never aware of it.

Once you become much more aware of who actually truly cares about you, you may realise how many people you're influencing and how many people you're living for, and trust me, they couldn't live without YOU.

Sometimes people are closer to you than you realise, so don't take them for granted, an argument is nothing, and it's not something you should lose a strong friendship to, if you love someone then let them know, because they may not know how much they really mean to you.


I know I only have four reasons listed, but in my opinion, they're quite strong reasons to live.

Stay safe, I love you all!

~Virgo x

Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Best Poets in History - According to Virgo

Hello internettttt!

I've been away for a little while but I'm not going to lie or anything, it was because I couldn't be bothered to write a post. Also school's been very busy at the minute, anyway today I'm going to share with y'all my favourite poets and my favourite poems, these are all must reads in my opinion.

I'm going to start the list with Rupi Kaur and her infamous poetry book 'milk and honey'.

This book contains poems based around the theme of sex, even though that may not be for everyone, her poems are honestly some of the best I've ever read in my whole life, and even if the theme of her poems don't sound very appealing to you, none of them are graphic whatsoever, surprisingly.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the list (in no particular order):

1. Rupi Kaur
2. Sylvia Plath
3. Lewis Carroll
4. ClickForTaz (YouTube Channel)
5. William Shakespeare
6. E E Cummings
7. Rudyard Kipling
8. Oscar Wilde
9. Charles Dickens

My favourite poems:
1. Daddy - Sylvia Plath
2. The Munich Mannequins - Sylvia Plath
3. The Hanging Man - Sylvia Plath
4. The Moon and The Yew Tree - Sylvia Plath
5. Midweek Sessions - Rupi Kaur
6. The First Time - Rupi Kaur
7. Jabberwocky - Lewis Carroll
8. The Aged Aged Man - Lewis Carroll
9. FAT - ClickForTaz
10. Anxiety - ClickForTaz

If any of you have favourite poets/poems then share them in the comment section, and I'll start to post more from now on, I love you all!

~Virgo x