Friday, 23 September 2016

The Waste-Yard That We Call Home - Poem

The world's been wasted,
High off ecstasy and intoxicated,
Chain-smokers speaking with a raw, coarse voice,
Surely this can't be be the correct way to rejoice.

The scarlet women are on the prowl again,
But alas! This is the only way that they can afford their rent.
Young women around the world are being used,
Labelled as sex slaves they stand, but they daren't refuse.

This can't be the world I grew up in.
But it is, a line of hope and equality drawn thin.
I don't know who I can trust anymore,
As far as I know I'm only safe indoors.

I spent years being taught about the Earth's beauty,
But now the oil filled seas are as brown as a cup of freshly brewed tea.

Little girls believe that the world is a garden,
Well I'm sorry little girls, because as you grow up
Your views will only change and harden.

The 9/11 attack shocked us all,
As news and radio stations recorded their desperate bawls,
We listened and watched and cried,
Is this our world now? What we see outside?

Because it doesn't seem like much to me,
In fact a waste-yard is all I see.

So open your eyes and take a look outside,
Because that's the truth that we've been trying to hide.

But hiding the truth won't cure starvation, won't cure cancer,
Won't cure broken hearts of parents whose children have died in their arms.

Choking on polluted air we hold our breath,
In hope that it won't be the cause of our death.

But that's all we ever do now,
Hope for the best,
Never using our voices, our actions,
Never putting ourselves to the test.

We just wait,
Wait for the world to miraculously escape,
Escape from the waste-yard we did create.

But this is our world now,
Nothing will change,
And it doesn't seem like much to me,
In fact a waste-yard is all I see.

~Virgo x


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, glad you liked it. :)

      ~Virgo x

  2. This poem is amazing - rather depressing, but really interesting, and it describes perfectly the dismal conditions that some parts of the world know to be true.
    *Round of applause *
    Kisses, Rose

    1. Thank you Rose, I'm happy that you liked it. ^.^

      ~Virgo x