Saturday, 20 August 2016

Playlist Of Electric Currents - Sleep Is A Waste Of Time

'Playlist Of Electric Currents' is a playlist that I created on Spotify, these songs inspire me and send electric currents through my body. We all have those songs and these are mine.

The songs are all acoustic because I find my electric in slow, calm songs like the ones I have chosen.

I would like to say that each of the songs have a meaning behind to why I chose them, but they don't.

These songs and these types of songs also help me with my anxiety, so I also have an anxiety/panic attack playlist, however that is currently privated.

I listen to this playlist mostly when it's late at night, because after all, sleep is just a waste of time, and during those eight or so hours that I'm asleep I could be doing so much more. Which is the reason that it's currently 23:57 and my laptop is open, and I'm writing this, and I'm playing music.

Click here to listen to 'Playlist Of Electric Currents'.

A character in a book is the one that taught me that sleep is a waste of time. If you have spare time, then use it, right now I don't need sleep. I'm not tired, even though I probably should be because I fell asleep at five AM after a flight back to England and then woke up just after ten or nine, I don't remember which. But anyway, I'm not tired and I've been hyper all day. So why sleep?

12:19 AM
I feel the need to tidy my room, but I think I might leave it for tomorrow, so that I don't wake everyone, but it seems really crowded in here all of a sudden, I also need green tea, I normally have it in the morning, but I really feel like having some right this moment.

I'd recommend listening to 'DonaldTrumpMakesMeWannaSmokeCrack - Ledinsky,' it doesn't have much meaning at all but it's great for the lols.

12:27 AM
My friends, and probably a lot of you guys, see me as a person with a good choice of words. Intellect, interesting, helpful, etc. But to be honest with you my choice of words are all inspired by others, I'm not original, I would say I'm pretty clever, but it depends in what sort of skill, lesson, hobby. I'm certainly not that interesting, unless being interesting is speaking nonsense and ranting whenever I have an argument to make. I'm crap with advice so there's no way I'm helpful.

I don't have many skills but I'm really quite amazing at the ones I do have.

12:41 AM
Sylvia Plath, a poet and author, tried to overdose on sleeping pills in her mums cellar on the 24th of August 1953. The nurse was due to arrive at 9:00 the morning of February 11, 1963 to help Plath with the care of her children. Upon arrival, she could not get into the flat, but eventually gained access with the help of a workman, Charles Langridge. They found Plath dead of carbon monoxide poisoning with her head in the oven, having sealed the rooms between her and her sleeping children with wet towels and cloths. At approximately 4:30 am, Plath had placed her head in the oven, with the gas turned on. She was 30 years old.

Her note: "Call Dr. Horder." has led some to believe that she didn't intend to kill herself but that her actions were a call for help. However I'm pretty certain it was intended. She had been attempting suicide several times over a number of years before killing herself. Had it been a call for help, it'd of been answered by the time she went through with it.

My point: People only start really caring after the incident.

"It is as if my life were magically run by two electric currents: joyous positive and despairing negative - whichever is running at the moment dominates my life, floods it." -Sylvia Plath.

My electric currents are written in others music, whether it be joyous positive or despairing negative, and while the music plays it floods my mind with either of the two electric currents.

01:22 AM

~Virgo x

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